Finally Great News For all of you

2010-02-21 15:02:57 by bzs68

Yeah been pretty busy i had gotten alot done with the movie i'm trying to make it very simple and easy so that a idiot can get the point of the movie

I can say it is about 78% complete its about 25mins long at this point I am going to break it into parts because i don't want to keep people waiting too long and it will get people hooked on it
Like you would for super mario bros z

1. Yes we finally decided to break it into parts each part is going to be 20-25 mins a piece. There will be 4 parts definitely but if things progress to a stand point in the exceeding the time limit (25mins) We'll just have to make a a few more episodes

2. That is a tough question yes I will try my best to incorporate as many characters as possible however its like a random draw at this point, because i want to add the most popular characters but there are so many can't add 500 characters and use well in episode. Yes I will try to put in the latest and lesser characters. Just So so you know i will add anyone who has ever just had a manga or anime alone also. (Like i could throw Sonic in there Mega Man and so on they are optional.

3. The v/a is being organized i had my share with the v/a before and people hating it b/c of the quality there for we're getting a new mic and also i've gotten audio fix software to boost up any bad quality. Also there is a huge problem with my flash and it freezes in a certain parts maybe its because of the computer i'm publishing it on. You may have a point on leaving it just for text on newgrounds i will have to make certain editions than to the one that i will publish on my site and youtube. For newgrounds i may break up the parts into parts but i'll publish the entire part on to here. Example a 20 min ep. will be split into 10 mins here I'll publish it as Side A and Side B. I don't know how everyone's computer responses to loading so i will just break it up anyway to speed up the process. My website will have the entire thing complete together as a real episode would. It will be cool.

4. I was thinking about that a long time ago one more preview won't hurt but i'll have it up for a limited time only

ok my youtube account is bzs68 or type in zbmtv. Its only going to be up for a limited time only because any preview for this episode and forward would have spoilers. I'm going to narrow the spoilers down to a mininum. So I'll keep it up for a week and then take it down. So it will be up from Feb 22 to 27th on youtube and newgrounds.

Finally Great News For all of you

Remastered Episodes of Lunar

2009-05-19 08:35:02 by bzs68

I remastered my lunar series sadly i can't do anymore remastering to them on the account that the project files are loss for ever however if you are interested in me to continue the series message me on leave comments in the in the episodes

Remastered Episodes of Lunar

awesome news

2008-12-31 06:48:43 by bzs68

i have a new website with a cast and crew

the website is a review website we review anime comic books videogames and movies and we do it for the fans of everything. we hate how people judge things and don't give it any dignity or props for there hardwork

n i also took the time to update the lunar series n i'm still continuing the series i made it more clean n smooth to watch please watch and enjoy

please visit the website and also check out lunar either here or on my website


2008-09-03 22:05:52 by bzs68

Ok i put a big hold on lunar its been a full year since i worked on it. I still will continue to work on it however me and my friends wanted to make life more enjoyable. So imma remake lunar and add voiceovers

Lunar episode 5 was half done i was setting up a new menu to it so its not ready its ready to be previewed if thats wut you want. I also did dbz crisis thats only 65% done. but while i was making dbz crisis i thought a can make a mega man x movie that is only 40% done but its view able . i learned some new tricks to making my movies. So it will be very suited for you all.

The movies will take longer to make because i'm adding voiceovers because i know you all are sick of reading the texts in the movies so imma give you voiceovers for now on n imma perfect that for you all i don't want no fuzy stuff for you guys to hear. So i'm working on that for you guys.

the main reason i'm writing this is that for the past 7 months me my friend mikey and zack have been talking about makin a talk show. Where we talk about anime movies and of course view games anything you can imagine and we speak for the people. so we are here to talk about the things you hate in movies animes n video games. Or if you want us to review anything to get opinions about and update on things you may not know about. By you sending us emails and comment we will broadcast who you are and talk about the topic you sent us. we are hoping to have 10 episode ready for you. We just been sick and tired of hear bad reviews on stuff and it not right how people review things now a day they expect every little detail to be perfect. Well we will giving the reviews for now on n tell the absolute truth about it.

we are making a season full of episodes so give us sometime we have been recording all summer for you guys and it will be really good for you all. I'm working on the demo/trailer for the show so i can let you all know what i'm talking about. The Show is called ZBMTv

I will have the demo out for you guys during this week. The show will be shown on youtube as well its a internet show for you all and i will put here as well you will definitely like it. The actual show will be shown probably the end of september or beginning of October. N i will also give you a new episode once a week or two its a season full so please get excited and


Leave comments for more information


(please stop judging the first damn episode it has change so much at this point the other episodes are 100 times better than that crap)

Hey this is a little update on Lunar I took a small break to make a little cartoon short pretty much like a music video I call it Dbz Crisis.

Ok update on episode 5 i will be working on it in about a week or two. I'm editing some of the sprites you will know the difference when you see it. Um please check it out the last episodes

The thing that pissed me off is that i made the first episode like years ago and some of you guys are not even looking at the new ones. Some of you make it seem like it there is no improvement and it looks the same when it really doesn't at all.

"I moved from sticks figures to picturing Monalisa"

So please checkout the new episodes I won't even look at the reviews for episode so don't waste your time go to episode 2 and up

Update on Lunar Episode 5 plus check out episode 2 and up forget about episode 1

Lunar Episode 4 Is Out Now

2007-08-31 13:36:20 by bzs68

Hi Episode 4 is out now. Check it out it is worth seeing. Its the best episode I made so far for the series

It took a lot more work to make this one but it was worth it. I finally got some buttons and scene selection on it. This episode should get you hooked onto the Series

" I advise you to watch episode 3 before viewing because it leaves right off from the the very end of that point So you wouldn't get Confused"

Lunar Episode 4 Is Out Now

Creator of the Sprite Animation Series Lunar

2007-08-21 19:44:38 by bzs68

Hi I am the creator of the Sprite Animation Series Lunar. Its not what you think its about just by looking. There is so much to it. You can't just watch the first episode. There are improvements along with each episode

Its not about fighting on the moon. or there is something that someone has to get on there. You have 2 watch the episodes to find out and understand. You have 2 use your head.

Its like watching all your favorite anime's cartoons and games part together and thats the twist. You don't know what may happen next. It's fun guessing and seeing whats happen trying to guess the plot. An the plot goes so much deeper.

Just keep staying in tune with what the story is as it unfolds.

If look at the ratings of my cartoon it is growing and the more it grows the the better it gets. Each episode is better than the last. So just check em out. Hope you enjoy the show. So far there are 3 episodes i made. I just finish making the intro . I am working on the 4th episode as i speak
Just leave comments or send me messages and i will definitely get right back at you

Creator of the Sprite Animation Series Lunar