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Creator of the Sprite Animation Series Lunar

2007-08-21 19:44:38 by bzs68

Hi I am the creator of the Sprite Animation Series Lunar. Its not what you think its about just by looking. There is so much to it. You can't just watch the first episode. There are improvements along with each episode

Its not about fighting on the moon. or there is something that someone has to get on there. You have 2 watch the episodes to find out and understand. You have 2 use your head.

Its like watching all your favorite anime's cartoons and games part together and thats the twist. You don't know what may happen next. It's fun guessing and seeing whats happen trying to guess the plot. An the plot goes so much deeper.

Just keep staying in tune with what the story is as it unfolds.

If look at the ratings of my cartoon it is growing and the more it grows the the better it gets. Each episode is better than the last. So just check em out. Hope you enjoy the show. So far there are 3 episodes i made. I just finish making the intro . I am working on the 4th episode as i speak
Just leave comments or send me messages and i will definitely get right back at you

Creator of the Sprite Animation Series Lunar


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2007-08-22 00:48:13

...arent those pokemun??


2007-08-31 13:51:30

They look like digimon with some sega sonic...love it...good work