Entry #7

Finally Great News For all of you

2010-02-21 15:02:57 by bzs68

Yeah been pretty busy i had gotten alot done with the movie i'm trying to make it very simple and easy so that a idiot can get the point of the movie

I can say it is about 78% complete its about 25mins long at this point I am going to break it into parts because i don't want to keep people waiting too long and it will get people hooked on it
Like you would for super mario bros z

1. Yes we finally decided to break it into parts each part is going to be 20-25 mins a piece. There will be 4 parts definitely but if things progress to a stand point in the exceeding the time limit (25mins) We'll just have to make a a few more episodes

2. That is a tough question yes I will try my best to incorporate as many characters as possible however its like a random draw at this point, because i want to add the most popular characters but there are so many can't add 500 characters and use well in episode. Yes I will try to put in the latest and lesser characters. Just So so you know i will add anyone who has ever just had a manga or anime alone also. (Like i could throw Sonic in there Mega Man and so on they are optional.

3. The v/a is being organized i had my share with the v/a before and people hating it b/c of the quality there for we're getting a new mic and also i've gotten audio fix software to boost up any bad quality. Also there is a huge problem with my flash and it freezes in a certain parts maybe its because of the computer i'm publishing it on. You may have a point on leaving it just for text on newgrounds i will have to make certain editions than to the one that i will publish on my site and youtube. For newgrounds i may break up the parts into parts but i'll publish the entire part on to here. Example a 20 min ep. will be split into 10 mins here I'll publish it as Side A and Side B. I don't know how everyone's computer responses to loading so i will just break it up anyway to speed up the process. My website will have the entire thing complete together as a real episode would. It will be cool.

4. I was thinking about that a long time ago one more preview won't hurt but i'll have it up for a limited time only

ok my youtube account is bzs68 or type in zbmtv. Its only going to be up for a limited time only because any preview for this episode and forward would have spoilers. I'm going to narrow the spoilers down to a mininum. So I'll keep it up for a week and then take it down. So it will be up from Feb 22 to 27th on youtube and newgrounds.

Finally Great News For all of you


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2010-03-13 12:35:37

Cant wait till the first episode man.


2010-06-21 13:55:09

Rated zero on all your flashes without watching. <3