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you need better music and play it thru it especially talking its really plain and when you watch any animated show you really think you don't here music in the background through the whole thing just a heads up plus your voices have a echo like in a room or something if you had music playing you wouldn't really here that echo

n you done this for a while now thought you would fixed or had noticed it by now

camera problems.....

if you are using the v- cam try to not get things stuck in the shots like the white lines of the backgrounds also re compress and smooth the background on flash you just click on the image go to properties of the image and change it to gif. and smooth it too thats what makes it alot more clear. and change the stage to black that makes things less noticeable if you want more tips send me a message

Fiiiiinnnnaaaallllllllly got damn it

sorry that was in my head but yessss its finally out . just kinda hurt thinking it was canceled but anyway this probably won't get read anyway but just make sure you give it a ended and not leave people at a cliffhanger i understand where you are coming from you have a life.

But do all your fans a favor don't just stop n leave at a cliffhanger give us a finale if you plan to ever do what you were going to do cancel it

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A just stop

just stick to your smash bros

hey man read this and get back to me very importan

you will get better like myself. i use to do some of the same things
you can keep the story change the approach. "please look at my work". you have 2 make it more lively zoom in and out. if there is a lot of talking zoom into the character talking. the action needs a lot of work like earlier zoom in/out the characters are to still waiting for something to happen. make it more entertaining instead of reading a book. make the battle move not in the same area be real. Contact me cuz i can really help you out unlike these assholes leaving you these bullshit comments instead of actually helping you

Hey Just one little thing

I'm not that bad of a animator myself. I know how it feels to put time into your work with little help from someone I know. If i would put the same effort into my work as yours it can look way better. Its time consuming so i try to get it done as fast as I can.

The only thing i can say you need to do is zoom out some itsyou get me too close up constantly. You don't notice these things until somone says it.
O if you need help with anything even a little thing I would gladly be able to help you . Trust me with the the time it took you to make it the more help you get the shorter the production. I can do whatever you say. You can look at my latest work if you don't believe me. I can help

love the show

now i can wait for the next episode. lets see the next episode in August or September. Well i don't this is a well worth the wait. Um you should get some friends to help you to speed up the process.

Huge Fan

Um I'm a big fan of your series and I hope you finish it from beginning to end. Unlike some toons I have seen. I'm a new animator. I hope you check out my series. I hope you can give me a few pointers here and there. Just check mine out.
I good work


Sweet job thats all i can say its way better than mine it must take you months 2 make that by your self

I'm Brendan Smoake friends call me Zig creator of the sprite animation series Lunar. **** Its has nothing to do with any of the games that the sprites come from except the names of the characters*****

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